This and That Performance 2006

Collaborative performance with Calgary based Artist Terrance Houle from Wagonburner, This and Princess Moonrider, That! at A Space Gallery for the 2006 ImagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival, in Toronto. The performance is in two parts. The artists play dress-up moving through choreographed dance movements and various representations including role reversals and other switch ups. The audience is seated to the sound of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys played live from a record. The artists run out whooping and hollering to the song Running Bear by Johnny Preston. Dressed in poodle skirt, wigs, fringe and lipstick the artists do the twist and enact the song while modifying each other’s outfits. The artists exit upon completion of the song and return to tape off a section of the floor and begin part two of the performance. Two assistants dressed as a cowboy (Adam Gardner Jones) and indian princess (Michelle LaVallee) rally up chairs for audience participation in a game of musical chairs set to the tune of One Little Two Little Three Little Indians. The artist’s recruit audience members with the performance ending when one artist bumps the other off the winning chair.

Reminants of the event remain in the gallery as performance artifacts for the duration of the exhibition


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