Lady Moonrider: Time Traveler, Belfast 2010

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALady Moonrider: Time Traveler, Belfast 45min performance 2010

Performed at Market Square for the Crossing Residency, an international exchange between artists living in Belfast, Ireland and artists of aboriginal ancestry in Canada, hosted by SAW Gallery in Ottawa ON and Bbeyond Collective in Belfast. The power of our bodies and the tools we create often become our primary modes of exchange when crossing language, land and cultural barriers. As Lady Moonrider, I take action interpreting, “human acts,” as an approach to universal paradigms, inserting myself into new conversations with objects functioning as tools: bones quantify cultural memory, travel cases provide sleeping portals for spirits, braids double as antennas to the cosmos and wooden coins indicate value for human exchange. By imagining a future I create a present moment, I reject romanticizing past signifiers as it denies my existence in the realities of the present.

Video documentation is available upon request.