Claiming Space for All Occasions 2011

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Figment Sculpture Garden, Governor’s Island 2011

This outdoor installation revisits My Grandmother’s Home a work that constructed a physical space to visualize the loss and absense of my maternal grandmother who died before I was born. In Claiming Space for All Occasions rather than the additive process of modeling earth into a pattern with my hands I utilize a subtractive process by digging into the ground. Completing the physical labour evoked a cathartic experience in response to the loss of my mother who passed away from Cancer a few months earlier. The removed earth is used to create the outer two circles allowing viewers to enter the circle. Using a shovel I carved the pattern into the earth, the pattern doubled as a reservoir holding rainwater and nurturing the grass.

This work expands on broader themes of displacement/relocation, connection to land, and heritage to include restoration, renewal and revitalization through the use of the circle. The resulting outline is based on regional Native American floral designs, determined during the execution in response to conditions, visitors and site location. The work remained on Governors Island for the duration of the summer until the pattern faded from exposure to the natural elements and the grass grew back.

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