Dreaming Time Panel Presentation

ACC COLLOQUIUM – This weekend!!! OCCUPY THIS! I will be here on Sunday presenting on my work and future aspirations for the Dreaming Time Panel!

Revisioning the Indians of Canada Pavilion: Ahzhekewada [Let us look back]
Saturday October 15, 2011 to Sunday October 16, 2011

Colloquium co-presented by OCAD U’s ABVC & The Aboriginal Curatorial Collective and hosted by the Aboriginal Visual Culture Program at OCAD University in partnership with the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective (ACC), this colloquium responds to and embodies the vision of the Indians of Canada Pavilion, (1967) and its continuing impact on indigenous art and cultural production today.

Panel 9: 1967 + The Dreaming Time 1967 + The Dreaming Time will give four emerging artists and curators an opportunity to present their original papers describing their dreams and expectations for the future. Not merely a forum to show examples of their work, we hope this panel will provide an opportunity for discussion about where Aboriginal art and culture is headed. As the Indians of Canada Pavilion did in 1967, this gathering of four young Aboriginal artists will point the way to a new vocabulary and field of action for art and culture.

3:30 – 4:30pm Presenters: Vanessa Dion‐Fletcher, Performance Artist: Writing Landscape, Maria Hupfield, Artist: Those who show us the way, Nigit’stil Norbert, Artist: Renegotiating Contemporary Aboriginal Art from a Northerner’s (Northwest Territories) Perspective, Jessie Short MA, Performance Artist: All of My Blood is Red – Key themes and ideas in my research on contemporary Métis Visual Culture and Identity

For more info on this conference see link:


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