Occupy This! Grace Gallery 2011


To view video by Laura Ortman see link: https://vimeo.com/96076672

In the performance Occupy This, I enact a range of strategies to occupy space and awaken our consciousness in a present moment. Through my practice I investigate how culture is informed by our bodies drawing upon my knowledge of nomadic and oral traditions, from the items we carry on our person to interpersonal communication. Moving through a series of basic customs I recall our connection to spirit, one another and the cosmos using action, objects and sound.

Engaging the space on different levels the work is comprised in three parts. The first set of actions focuses on defining and claiming space by marking out a territory using silver tape lines, posting a flag, and establishing eye contact with audience members. Florescent surveyor tape is tied to pilers, objects and individuals dividing the room in a physical web of interconnectivity. The second series involves activating the space through the spectacle of display using a bear mask, more direct interaction with audience members and flag waving. Exchanges are marked by the gifting of my signature wooden tokens. The finale produces a pair of jingle boots, when worn on the feet utilize sound and movement to create a space in which the mundane may approach the sacred through repetition. Stepping up to a microphone a breath of holographic glitter is applied to the lips and the remainder blown like sparkle dust. After the the sound of the jingles resides the glitter is removed through the stroke of the back of a hand. The words “We are the moon” is spoken into the mic.


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