Vestige Vagabond, Collaboration with Charlene Vickers, Santa Fe NM

MH2011VestigeVagabondA collaborative performance spectacular with Vancouver based artist, Charlene Vickers, presented by the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, and Curator Ryan Rice during the exhibition “Counting Coup” at Indian Market 2011.

During this performance the value of Native American culture, ingenuity, function, aesthetics, and sharing is emphasized through a series of new and unexpected objects and actions in an open market setting.

Utilizing clothing and cultural items drawing from iconic representations of Native Americans, the artists-as-cultural-makers involve the tourist market audience by brandishing small-scale performance artifacts (to be handled but not for sale). In relation to the understated objects, during the performance both artists will be dressed in an overstated manner, for example, oversized jingle-boots, and red boxing gloves. The outfits will match the objects with a “mash-up” aesthetic to question the value placed between object and function across cultures.

“Modification of everyday household items will present new touchstones of the absurd and traditional through shifts in scale and unexpected juxtapositions where: pony beads become monumental, soft, red and vinyl; wooden spoons become fetishized fringed items, and rocks are hardwired to indigenous language cassettes with braided hair headphones. ‘Nish Kwe (Ojibway woman) meets Nick Cave.”

The performance combines a series of choreographed, synchronized movements along with improved actions in response to the audience.

See link for a play-by-play of the performance on Lara Evan’s art blog “Not Artomatic”:

For info on Charlene Vickers visit her website:

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