Reflection Step, Museum of Art and Design NY

Collaborative interactive live performance and video projection with musician, Laura Ortman at Museum of Art and Design, New York. 20min. With Violin performed live, pink surveyors tape, blue tape, mylar survival blankets, tin jingles, coloured flags, audio tract and video projection. Audio track composed by Laura Ortman.

“Sound moves through the body as a physical vibration and a tangible felt experience that brings us back to our corporeality and reminds of our connectivity to our world.”

“But a deeper impulse than means and currency may be at play, namely a call for a renewal of embodiment and wholeness.” Ellen Moffat, Sounding Spaces Listening Bodies, BlackFlash pg.33 Issue 29.2 Winter 2012

For a review of performance with images on Art-Meows Blog see link:

For more info on music by Laura Ortman see links:

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