doll2012Its official my first doll premiered in “Charlottes Song” at the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center on December 7th, 2012! My bio was listed in the program as the doll maker and designer. The production is conceived and written by Nancy Ferragallo, Directed by Andreas Robertz and Mario Golden with Choreography by Celeste Hastings and Nancy Ferragallo. Nancy named the doll Colleen and it is modeled after Yvette Quintero who was cast as Charlotte.
“Charlotte’s Song explores a daughter’s reality of growing up with her schizophrenic mother and how that impacted her life. Through the lens of fragmented narratives, letters, movement sequences, and shifting auditory landscapes, we hear the language of disconnect that announces the underlying fragility of the mother; both her physical and mental collapse. The symbolic figure of a doll provides the emotional link between mother and daughter while the role of narrator shifts between the central characters.”
For more information on “Charlottes Song” see link:

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