Fixed-Time, 7a*11d Toronto

fixed-time72 jinglegloves72

Fixed Time. 15min, “7a*11d International Performance Festival 2012, Toronto ON. Retro Polariod performance documentation by Arthur Renwick, Artist. In Fixed Time I respond to the role memory plays in documenting performance art. As stated by performance artist Marina Abramovic in Dialogue with Heidi Grundmann, 1978, Abramovic says, “the performance you do in fixed time, and in that fixed time you see the whole process and you see the disappearing of the process at the same moment and afterwards you don’t have anything, you have only the memory.” During the performance I use oral tradition strategies as I move through a series of basic customs and procedure to create a set of unique visual triggers that mark the space between me (the artist) and the audience, utilizing interpersonal interactions to imprint for recall the memory of the performance. Various materials put into action include holographic glitter lips, jingle gloves, and flagging tape.

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