Beat Nation, Globe and Mail


Jingle Boots Prototype

Jingle Boots Prototype. Industrial felt, tin jingles.

“The pulse of aboriginal art goes on, and survival comes in marvellous new forms” Sarah Milroy, Globe and Mail, Native Traditions Get a Hip-Hop Re-boot at the Power Plant.

“Titled Survival and Other Acts of Defiance (2012), the looped video projection features the artist jumping up and down in place in a pair of her homemade powwow jingle boots. It’s a work about endurance, but it’s also about joy. Nearby, Hupfield displays the boots against a billowing backdrop of silver emergency blankets, those high-tech thermal wrappings used for survival by athletes and mountaineers in conditions of extreme cold – a fitting metaphor, I’m thinking, for the native person braving the elements of contemporary life.” For more info see link to globe and mail:

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