All is Moving, New York NY

All is Moving Shock and Awe 2013

Performing with Jaune Quick-to-See Smith’s painting “Shock and Awe” at Accola Griefen Gallery, 2013. Photo credit: Jason Lujan.

“All Is Moving”, performance from March 28, 2013, in conjunction with the exhibit, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Water and War, ACCOLA GRIEFEN GALLERY, 547 W 27th Street, NY NY 10013. Video by Meredith Drum. See link to view performance:

The titles of Jaune’s paintings I responded to, in order of appearance:
1.Sissy and the Plutocrats (a female Sisyphus pushes her shopping cart up a mountain, which is laden with elegant foodstuffs)
3.Black Ice
4.Shock and Awe
5.Turtle Island

Images of Jaune’s paintings can be found here:


all is moving detail All is Moving

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