Out of Order, LUMEN Festival 2013 NY

This performance was inspired by the idea of hosting a party in an empty public olympic swimming pool. Out of Order is a two hour endurance performance (or until sunset) about water in which I inflated and deflated, throwing out over 20 swimming tubes with hand written phrases from various heights of advantage. Some of the text included: 99% liquid profit; spit, blood, tears, love juice; 200 million hours a day; and 12-20 breaths per minute. Presented at LUMEN Festival 2013 Lyon’s Pool Staten Island on Saturday June 15th, 6pm-midnight.

The event included site-specific projections, new media, installations, and performance by an international group of 50 artists. Curated by David C. Terry, Director of Programs/Curator at the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) and Esther Neff, artist, curator, theorist and founder of the Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL). With the help of the New York City Parks Department. For more info see link:


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