The Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival

Performing “Maximum Signaling” at Gowanus Ballroom: Collective Spectacle, Sunday July 14th 6pm to Monday July 15th 1am, 55 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Presented by The Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival (BIPAF). BIPAF is conceived of and formally constructed as a mass month long performance. Taking place across 11 spaces in Brooklyn and involving over 150 artists from all over the world, BIPAF is posited as a form of “constructive institutional critique” by its artist-organizers, as demonstration against the increasing capitallization of performance art, as a self-analysis of the current performance art resurgence and index of the discipline, and as an attempt to relationally construct new economic and social contexts for performance art.


For the round table “This Semi Public Semi Private Thing From Site-Specific Performance to Hit and Run Interventions in the Public Realm” at Glasshouse, I contribute my experiences performing “Lady Moonrider” in Belfast Ireland and Ottawa Canada. Event is on Tuesday July 23rd 5pm to 7pm, 246 Union Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211. This public discussion is moderated by Dovrat Meron and brings together New York based artists and professionals in the public art field to discuss the process of privatization of public spaces and the controversial regulations restricting performance art in the public realm in NY. With Monica Valenzuela – Director of Development and Community Programming Staten Island Arts, Cara Starke – Director of Exhibitions, Creative Time and Christina Ray – Artistic director of the Conflux Festival.

For more information on bipaf see link: 

or Glasshouse:

or Gowanus Ballroom:

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