Present – Absence, Stage Set Stage at SBC Gallery Montréal

Off Site

Image credit: Andrea Geyer / Sharon Hayes, Off Site, 2012, digital C-print, 20 1/2 x 14 inches

“Present – Absence” is a performance for Stage Set Stage Identity and Institutionalism, followed by a conversation with Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre and cheyanne turions.

On Friday, January 17, 6pm – 9pm at SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art 372, Sainte-Catherine west, suite 507

In “Present – Absence”  I use live performance to interpret a selection of labels taken from four different exhibitions on display in the gallery along with a frosted outline on glass. Using the labels as scores I will introduce a physical presence in the space.


With Pablo de Ocampo, Andrea Geyer, Sharon Hayes, Maria Hupfield, Adam Kinner and Jacob Wren, Dorit Margreiter, Jeanne Randolph, Monique Réimbald-Zeiber, Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre, cheyanne turions. Curator: Barbara Clausen 

“Each participant will contribute objects, images and records of all sorts, to be presented in the gallery as well as played out during a week of events, performances, screenings and talks scheduled to take place from the 15th to the 19th of January 2014 at SBC. The participants will explore the possibilities for change to the linear narrative of the performative by altering the sequence of the event, the ephemera and the discourse that it produces in relation to their work. Each event, object, sound or image-based contribution and performative event will in some shape or form exist before, remain, or return to the exhibition space and become part of a growing archive dedicated to SBC’s focus on discourse and living research.” The exhibition is November 30 – February 22, 2014.

Barbara Clausen is a curator, art historian and professor for performance theory and history at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

This exhibition is part of SBC Gallery’s Focus Program on sovereignty.

For more info on scheduled times and related events see link:

Study for performanceSilhouette

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