A Problem So Big It Needs Other People, SBC Gallery Montreal

A Problem So Big It Needs Other People, SBC Gallery Montreal

March 15 – May 3, 2014
Opening Saturday March 15, 3-5pm

With artists: Basil AlZeri, Daina Ashbee, Maggie Groat, Susan Hiller, Maria Hupfield, Tiziana La Melia, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Annie MacDonell, Gabrielle Moser et Chelsea Vowel. Curator cheyanne turions, curatorial resident at SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art in Montréal.

What happens when you create a permanent work that stays in the gallery after the original exhibition? In the case of “Absent-Presence” 2013, a glass etching commissioned for the doors of the SBC Gallery as part of the exhibition Stage Set Stage, it becomes a symbol of commitment by the institution and has its own life as a work to be constantly negotiated in the space. Curator cheyanne turions acknowledges this work in the context of the “sovereign subject” by presenting it in the exhibition “A Problem So Big It Needs Other People”. An exhibition where fences turn into tables!

“Shifting the place of sovereign embodiment from the nation state to the “sovereign subject,” A Problem So Big it Needs Other People proposes that sovereignty manifests through processes of negotiation. A subject is not sovereign in solitude; a subject is sovereign through contact, intimacy and sociality.”

For more info on the exhibition see link: http://www.sbcgallery.ca/#!cheyanne-turions/cv2d

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