Happy Birthday Big Board, PPL

Portrait, 8x10" 2012

Portrait, 8×10″ 2012

Saturday May 17th, 8-11pm

  • 104 Meserole St Brooklyn, NY 11206

Breaking out the wooden tokens to barter, giveaway and trade for Happy Birthday Big Board at PPL. “May 17 is the anniversary of the founding of the NY Stock Exchange (1792). Modes of exchange, placing stock in, taking stock of, imaginary money, representations of value, and always, breathing in the dark and in the light, capitalism the beast and its many children. Milk is shared, money is made, demonstrations are constructed by their framing as performance art just as value at large is constructed by the currents of currency, that which is perhaps the largest and longest-ongoing collective, collaborative, collusive social performance of all time.”

  • F-DT



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