Ghost Trophy, Ortega y Gasset Projects NY

Ghost Trophy ClockGhost Trophy is a new durational performance for the exhibit Body as Omen, Ortega y Gasset Projects. This work comprises video projection (by Maria Hupfield & Jason Lujan) and live performance in which I activate the space of a lavish historical interior using handmade items, one of which is a vest featuring crystals recovered from a chandelier. Select items will remain on display in the gallery after performances for viewing.

Body as Omen, organized by Sheilah Wilson, features new performances by Ryder Cooley, Frank Haines, Maria Hupfield, Rachel Mason, Baker Overstreet, Geo Wyeth and the Institute for New Feeling. Body as Omen will explore the possibility of the body as a portal between environments and altered states of being.

May 30, 2014 – June 28, 2014 

17-17 Troutman #327, Queens, NY 11385

Invocations and reversals will be performed over a period of three days. Objects from the performances will be catalogued and displayed. A publication will accompany the show.

Saturday May 31
1:30PM Maria Hupfield
3:30PM Ryder Cooley and Allan Joseph with Spartacus
5:00PM Blanko + Noiry
6:00PM Baker Overstreet

Sunday June 1
3:00PM Geo Wyeth
5:00PM Rachel Mason

Institute for New Feeling project June 7-28
Closing Performance Michael Dudeck June 28

for more info see link:

Review of exhibition on Incident Mag:



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