Surveillapocalypse, FiveMyles NY

typewriterVery pleased to be co-organizing Surveillapocalypse! Brooklyn-based art collective artCodex invites Canada-based Native American collective OO7 to collaborate and invites local guest artists. An exhibition on building trust between communities in the face of a security obsessed society and the ever-increasing surveillance that goes along with it.

BROOKLYN-BASED COLLECTIVE ARTCODEX – Vandana Jain, Mike Estabrook, Jason Lujan, Maria Hupfield

CANADA-BASED NATIVE AMERICAN COLLECTIVE OO7 – Barry Ace, Howard Adler, Rosalie Favell, Melody McKiver, Ron Noganosh,Ariel Smith,  Leo Yerxa, Barry Pottle

GUEST ARTISTS – Oasa Duverney, Laura Napier, Joshua Peters, David Gregory Wallace, Bryan Zimmerman

  • JUNE 7 –  JUNE 22, 2014
  • Film Screening Sunday June 6, 3-5pm

FiveMyles 558 St Johns Place Brooklyn, NY 11238

For more info see link:



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