Grey/Gray, Winter Shack

Grey eventInstalling some site specific sculpture for Grey/Gray, a cozy Winter Shack located outside at the Classon Ful-gate Community Garden. Friday February 7th at 7:30pm : Melissa Grey | Bess Lovejoy |  Colin Stearns | Maria Hupfield  Location: 474 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11238

“Originally conceived by AlexBranch, the Winter Shack was a 3-month long, temporary exhibition space built of reclaimed wood in the artist’s back yard in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Together with artist Nicole Antebi, a collaboration was born. During the brutal winter months of 2014 we brought artists and writers together one night every other week to respond toone another’s work, the winter, the architecture of the shack, and to encourage outdoor engagement with an audience and the weather.We are now in the process of planning season two of the Winter Shack. As such, we are partnering with The Brooklyn-Queens Land Trust to install The Winter Shack at the Classon Ful-gate Community Garden, located on the edge of Bed-Stuy and Clinton Hill. Originally established forty four years ago and maintained by many of its original members, the block association has generously invited the Winter Shack to activate the space during the winter months when the garden lies dormant.”

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