Anishinaabewin 6 Pakwis Baa-Niimi

The sixth annual Anishinaabewin culture conference, celebrating all things Anishinaabe. Presented by the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation.

was held on Friday, March 13 to Saturday, March 14, 2015.
Holiday Inn on Regent St, Sudbury

March is the crusted snow time, Naabdin Giizis, when Nenbosh’s brother Pakwis momentarily dances around us in little swirling gusts of snow. Anishinaabe say, “Pakwis baa-niimi,” Pakwis is dancing. He is teasing us, watching and waiting to catch an easy meal. Pakwis is the jester, the storyteller, the outcast, observer of nature, and patron of the arts. This year we gather at Anishinaabewin to honor all of these traditions.


Photo: Alan Corbiere


anishinaabe 6

Conference logo

Guest presenters included: Gordon Waindubence, Mary Ann Corbiere, Leland Bell, Christi Belcourt, Sue Chiblow, Isaac Murdoch Day, Deb McGregor, Elaine Debassige, Brian Charles, Sheila Cote Meek, Kelly Crawford-Bellissimo, Brock Pitawanakwat, Hayden King, Cecil Debassige, Crystal Migwans and included Quill/birchbark basketry workshops with Ted and Myna Toulouse. For this event I presented my work under the topic “A Way of Being: Anishinaabe Artist in Brooklyn”. Presentations from previous conferences are made available through an annual fundraising publication available at the Ojibway Cultural Foundation, M’Chigeeng Manitoulin Island.


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