Actions Must Match Words, Saint-Jérôme PQ

 "East/West Heart Along the North/South Axis" 1/5 images. Collaboration with Scott Benesiinaabandan

“East/West Heart Along the North/South Axis – nanda gikendan” 1 of 5 from a sequence of 5 wheatpasted images. Collaboration with Scott Benesiinaabandan

Actions Must Match Words

DU 29 MARS AU 31 MAI 2015
opening Sunday March 29th, 2 pm Curator Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre
On Sunday, March 29th from 2 pm until 3 pm:
Michelle Lacombe’s action

Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides  101, place du Curé-Labelle, Saint-Jérôme (Québec) J7Z 1X6

Included in this exhibition is a new collaboration with Scott Benesiinaabandan titled “East/West Heart Along the North/South Axis” a series of 5 wheatpasted images combining anishinaabe text, historic images and performance based photos. Items from “An Indian Act” 1997 will also be featured together for the first time since “Transitions II” 2001, Ryan Rice and Barry Bottle, Co-curators, on loan from the Indian and Inuit Art Center, Ottawa. A selection of 4 of the 6 paper sculptures made out of books will be on displayed and include:
– Peacebonnet, Bible
– 2 Quillboxes, Huran Christmas Carol
– Cradleboard/Tikinaagan, Indians of Yesterday
– Doll for the Author, Hiawatha.

“The exhibition Actions Must Match Words creates a dialogue between the works of several North American artists. Together, they question pervasive ways of seeing the world by reflecting on the situation of women and Aboriginals through education and language

One of the main ideas in this project is the role of education, understood here in a broad sense as all methods used to convey ideas by presenting them as truths or facts  Schools are ambiguous, on one hand they are fertile ground for the questioning of received wisdom, for the exchange of points of views and the development of critical thought, but they are also a political environment where official positions and values ​​are transmitted. The exhibition offers another perspective on the realities of patriarchy and colonization: two systems of authority conveying norms, values, dictating ways to behave and ways of thinking. To support these ideas, you’ll find the work of the following artists: Nadège Grebmeier ForgetMaggie GroatSharon HayesFaye HeavyShieldMaria Hupfield and Scott BenesiinaabandanSophie Jodoin,Michelle LacombeLeisure (Susannah Wesley and Meredith Carruthers), Alanis Obomsawin and Wapikoni mobile.”

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