Born to Be Wild, Philadephia

Roof Top Crystal Chandelier Vest with Goggles.

Roof Top Crystal Chandelier Vest with Goggles.

Performing “Born to Be Wild”, 20 min, as part of an evening of performances for the exhibition “Call of the Wild: Pioneers, Rebels and Heroines”. I will activate a selection of my handmade objects. Characteristic of my live interdisciplinary performances I aim to craft a visually rich and multi-sensory atmosphere across cultures, disciplines and borders. Friday May 22, 8-10pm Vox Populi 319 North 11th Street 3rd Floor Philadelphia “Call of the Wild: Pioneers, Rebels and Heroines” From April 18th to May 24th, Katya Grokhovsky, 5th AUX Curatorial Fellow at Vox Populi Philadelphia will be presenting a range of pioneering, rebellious and trailblazing artists, who investigate and question limitations and boundaries of age, location, gender, sex, power, privilege and race. Call of the Wild: Pioneers, Rebels and Heroines brings together generations of exceptionally brave and bold multidisciplinary artists, who through their work, interrogate our societal norms, overturn the standards, abandon the expectations, jump over the borders and establish their own paths to the wild and the open ended. Seeking new worlds, through their rigorous practices and research, filmmakers, art historians, educators, video, sound and multi-media performance and installation artists from across the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe test the parameters, raise the bars, demolish the rules and lead us into the great and welcome unknown. Katya Grokhovsky is a New York based artist, curator and organizer, invested in the exploration of multidisciplinary and multimedia practices, which cross generations, genders and geography. She holds an MFA in Studio from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a BFA from Victorian College of the Arts, Australia and a BA (Honors) in Fashion from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. She is a founder of Feminist Urgent, an influx online platform, through which she organizes panel discussions and events and a director of The Bedroom Projects, an intimate space of artistic exchange through which she curates one night performances and exhibitions in New York. She has been awarded the Dame Joan Sutherland Fund, Australia Council for the Arts ArtStart Grant, NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists, Chashama space to create grant, Freedman Traveling Scholarship for Emerging Artists, Australia, and many others.

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