‘Responsibility’, NYC Creative Salon

rooftop_72A salon style discussion hosted by Raphael Zollinger organized by NYC Creative Salon (www.nyccreativesalon.org) held at Sweatshop Studios, Tuesday, May 26th, 47 Hall St on the topic of ‘RESPONSIBILITY’ in the creative process. Set up as an intimate series of talks between different creative types with a theme and no live audience, the audio component of the discussion is available for public access on the NYC Creative Salon website along with an archive of previous discussions.

Participants include:

  • Matthew Bollinger
  • Maria Hupfield
  • Zack Keeting
  • Valerie Piraino
  • Rit Premnath
  • Kavitha Rajagopalan  
  • Christoper Robbin

See link:


The NYC Creative Salon founded by Pina Coronel and Marina Ross provides a sustainable platform for creative discussions throughout New York City, the chance to network and collaborate and the access to an intimate small-group setting.

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