Born to Be Wild, 2015

Born to Be Wild is a 20 minute performance in which I live mix music with an interview by Performance Artist Rebecca Belmore on Q CBC Radio. Combined with performative actions and vocalization in Anishinaabe language this multidisciplinary work inserts personal voice while drawing connections across generations, gender, nation, discipline and  performance art. Throughout the performance my laptop screen is projected on the wall behind a central tabletop workstation. Hidden objects such as orange surveyor ribbon, two modified evening gloves, a water bottle, gold sneakers, red tights, and necklace of multicolored ribbon with copper jingles are revealed over time and performed live at a freestanding microphone. Songs sampled

respectively include: Fever by Peggy Lee, Way Way Way by Buffy St.Marie, Real and Uncharted by Laura Ortman, and They Tell Me by Cat Power. The performance ends at the microphone with vocal sound based on an Anishinaabe language introduction. Born to Be Wild was commissioned for “Call of the Wild: Pioneers, Rebels and Heroines” by Katya Grokhovsky, 5th AUX Curatorial Fellow supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage at Vox Populi Philadelphia held April 18th to May 24th, 2015.

Call of the Wild: Pioneers, Rebels and Heroines brings together generations of exceptionally brave and bold multidisciplinary artists, who through their work, interrogate our societal norms, overturn the standards, abandon the expectations, jump over the borders and establish their own paths to the wild and the open ended. Seeking new worlds, through their rigorous practices and research, filmmakers, art historians, educators, video, sound and multi-media performance and installation artists from across the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe test the parameters, raise the bars, demolish the rules and lead us into the great and welcome unknown.”

All events were free and open to the public.
5.BTBW.72 4.BTBW.72

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