CUE Foundation Fundraiser, Paddle 8

The fiber based work “Trailblazer Stargazer” is intended to be handled multiple ways and doing so recalls various functional forms such as a carrier or banner to be passed from one person to the next and maintain individual balance. The design is informed by the larger work I created and performed with earlier this year titled “Silent Noise for Piano”. Here I continue combining both sound and visual representation to create “noise” – a celebratory visualization with action.

This new piece was specifically created to celebrate the tremendous contributions of Jaune Quick-to-See Smith and CUE’s commitment to arts education and supporting under-recognized artists for CUE’s silent auction. Auction items are available on Paddle 8. CUE’s annual gala and benefit auction is Wednesday, November 4th at the Metropolitan Pavilion honoring Jaune Quick-to-See Smith; artist and founding board member Gregory Amenoff, and writer and critic Robert Storr.

Trailblazer Stargazer HUPFIELD 2015

Trailblazer Stargazer. 16 x 1 x 8″ 1/16″ Industrial felt with satin ribbon and seven tin jingles 2015

November 4th – Gala at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 4th Floor Gallery Space, 123 West 18th Street

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