Double Gate, SOHO20

Double Gate is a 15 minute performance featuring guest Autumn Kioti. Created at the invitation of Darla Bjork for her current exhibition Torii/Gate, I will use repetition, mirroring, colored tape and Kioti’s sustained poses to respond to the paintings on display in the gallery.

Thursday December 10th, 7pm.

SOHO20 Gallery
56 Bogart Street

Brooklyn NY 11206
Autumn Kioti is an interdisciplinary artist, activist, aerialist, scavenger (and trickster) based in Harlem. Her work combines improvisational movement and choreography, finding value in found objects, mask, and puppet building from recovered items, painting, writing, and her own dreams. Kioti creates ritual-inspired participatory performances centered on intuitive movement and pure emotion. She was a recent recipient of the first NOoSPHERE Circle of Fire Performance Art Grant, artist-in-residence at Santa Fe Art Institute and the Art Monastery Italia, EU.

For more info see link:


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