SHPC Movement Research @ Jack

SHPC Jack 2017

Photo: Nathan Headless



“Thoughts scribbled in the margins, notes passed on the sly, the indominant culture hidden just below the surface structure. This festival will hold space for names, loss, mystery and darkness, reverence and interaction healing and self-care, attending to layers of history and what comes before as the groundwork for lasting action.”

A week of workshops, discussions, events and performances. Artists include: Becca Blackwell, mayfield brooks, Justin Cabrillos, Anna Carapetyan, Ayano Elson, devynn emory, Jonathan Gonzalez, Liliana Dirks-Goodman, Marguerite Hemmings, Robert Kocik, Melanie Maar, Michael Mahalchick, Sarah Maxfield, BASHIR DAVIID NAIM, iele paloumpis, Weena Pauly, Marissa Perel, Jumatatu Poe, Randy Reyes, Regina aka Wolf Medicine, Julia Santoli, Lily Bo Shapiro, Risa Shoup, Social Health Performance Club, Anna Adams Stark, Mariana Valencia, Ni’Ja Whitson.

Saturday June 11



Offerings from Jonathan Gonzalez, Michael Mahalchick, Lily Bo Shapiro, and Social Health Performance Club (Ivy Castellanos, Ayana Evans, Zachary Fabri, Maria Hupfield, Geraldo Mercado).

This performance will celebrate indescribable histories, outer limits, peripheries, and the party within us all. Part celebration of performance, part commemoration of the festival’s closing, and part observance of the quiet strength inside. What does it mean to watch with soft eyes, to offer support for yourself and everyone else in the room, while also being held in support? This river of energetic exchange is not fleeting. Let’s celebrate it.

Jonathan Gonzalez is a multidisciplinary artist working through performance, sound design/composition, writing and visual practices. He is a Diebold Award recipient in Choreography & Performance, Dancing While Black Fellow (2015-16), POSSE scholar, New York Live Arts Fresh Tracks artist (2015-16), and choreographer with The Possibility Project. He has worked with Ligia Lewis, Patricia Hoffbauer, Grisha Coleman, Phillip Howze, Marjani Forté, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Ni’Ja Whitson, Tony Thatcher, and Gwen Welliver among others. His work has been presented at Danspace Project’s Food for Thought, BAAD!, Socrates Sculpture Park, Project Reach, MaketheRoadNY, Dancewave, Loisaida Center, DanceNOW/DTW, JACK, BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Wimbledon College of Art, Trinity and Bennington College. He is an MFA graduate of Sarah Lawrence College.Michael Mahalchick was bred in Pottsville, Pennsylvania and is now the toast of New York City. He is a multidisciplinary artist who finds many ways to train his chosen material into forms of his liking. In 2010 he received a “Bessie” for his work with luciana achugar and is currently working on something secret.Lily Bo Shapiro has been variously image making here, the birthplace, since 1990.Social Health Performance Club is a collective of artists actively questioning systemic values at work in performance art through themed performances, potlucks, and member collaborations. SHPC gathers as a collective of artists to produce events, exhibitions, and other public art projects which directly confront systemic social issues in the art world and beyond. The Club itself is framed as a performance, gathering together as action, understanding social relationships as artistic processes.

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