Feet On The Ground, ECUAD


Photo: Moch Hohn

October 27, 1-4pm at Motion Capture Studio, ECUAD for Feet on The Ground

Esther Neff, IV Castellanos and Maria Hupfield present Feet on the Ground, a participatory group performance art collaboration on how to decolonize yourself featuring a custom made toolbox designed by the artists. Using a combination of individual and collective actions the artists will demo and invite participation by the audience to empower the absurd and irrational, using items from the tool box. Conducted as an ongoing series of workshop style performances across multiple venues this project is based on survival strategies with politically minded performance artists. Audience members will be encouraged to contribute everyday items to the toolbox and guided on how to assemble their own tools for decolonization. Unlike the military term “boots on the ground” the title Feet on The Ground is one where the liberation of the undressed foot takes priority over combat.

This work is presented in conjunction with #callresponse, a Canada Council {Re}Conciliation initiative project. #callresponse is a multifaceted project which brings together five site-specific art commissions that invite collaboration with individuals, communities, lands and institutions, culminating in an exhibition in October 2016 at grunt gallery in Vancouver, BC.


Images: Esther Neff, IV Castellanos and Maria Hupfield, meeting in the House of Dust, James Gallery, 2016. Photo: Chloe Bass

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