Ghost Trophy, Toronto Art Fair


Ghost Trophy

Toronto Art Fair

Maria Hupfield and Jason Lujan present Ghost Trophy: a sculpture and paired video installation. The video shows Hupfield activating a lavish, historical Manhattan antechamber using her signature reflective and hand-made objects. The dimly lit location is a detailed former military facility period room featuring with custom carved ornamental woodwork, copper and bronze finishes, and stained glass, alluding to 19th and early 20th century social and “gentleman’s” clubs, where women were commonly not allowed. Near the beginning of the video, Maria rolls up her sleeves and gets to work by unfurling a silver emergency blanket, which is then used to “measure” the space through sound and light. Scenes of discovery lead to both deliberate and spontaneous interventions intended to be acts of inclusion. For examples, Maria opens a cabinet to find a 4 foot golden hair braid, and in another scene opens a drawer holding wooden coins with the portrait of Sacajawea.

Accompanying the video is a cantilevered claw-foot piano stool arrested in mid-air by a red curtain braid. A Victorian interpretation of a Chinese design motif, the ball-and-claw in its up-ended circumstances speaks to the current shifts in culture and class.

The video shows Maria in an improvised performance as documented by Jason.

Presented by: Art Toronto and Galerie Hugues Charbonneau
Location: South Corridor (P02)

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