BRIC Biennale, Brooklyn NY


4 Lines in 4 Directions (detail), 2016. Photo: Jason Lujan

4 Lines in 4 Directions, 2016. Four 4″ x 2″ x 5’9″ pine boards, acrylic paint, industrial felt and polyester thread. Installation approximately 3’9″ x 4’4″ x 5’6″. Items will be activated during an upcoming live performance in the gallery.

The work 4 Lines in 4 Directions includes a 15-20min performance by Maria Hupfield in which she will focus on being in good relations to place. Centered around the number 4 this work will move through a combination of scored and unscored representational and abstract movement, visualities and verbalizations that reference systems of structure and contemporary living. Hupfield grounds her work in everyday materials and experiences; during her live performances items displayed in the gallery acquire new meaning. 4 Lines in 4 Directions is comprised of 4 wood planks and the following custom made components by the artist in industrial felt: a hand-cut circular floral motif, silhouette of the artist crouching, and pair of moccasins.

Opening Reception: Wed, November 9, 2016 | 7-9PM

Performance: Saturday, December 17th at 1pm

Curated by Elizabeth Ferrer, VP of Contemporary Art; and Jenny Gerow, Assistant Curator; BRIC

The BRIC Biennial: Volume II, Bed Stuy/Crown Heights Edition is the largest and most ambitious exhibition to date organized by BRIC. This second edition of this initiative will be centered at BRIC House, with portions of the show also on view at important cultural institutions and art spaces in the neighborhoods being covered by the show: Weeksville Heritage Center, the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, and FiveMyles.

The work of hundreds of artists based in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights were reviewed in order to select the  approximately 40 included in this exhibition. This edition of the BRIC Biennial will focus on the theme “Affective Bodies,” drawing from affect theory, which places emphasis on bodily experience rather than on learned knowledge. Artists exhibited at Weeksville Heritage Center will be grouped under the theme “The Lived City,” considering how people’s lives and experiences endow urban spaces with emotional resonance. The exhibition at the Brooklyn Public Library, “Translations and Annotaitons,” will focus on artists who use existing texts to find new, personal meaning. And finally, FiveMyles will focus on presenting a series of performance artists.

BRIC House

Affective Bodies

Drawing from affect theory, this portion of the exhibition includes artists who place emphasis on bodily experience rather than on learned knowledge.

Opening Reception: Wednesday Nov 9, 7 – 9 pm

With DJ Performance by The Illustrious Blacks (Manchildblack + Monstah Black)


  • Lala Abaddon
  • Aisha Tandiwe Bell
  • Jen Bervin
  • The Black Lunch Table
  • Brooklyn Hi Art Machine (Oasa DuVerney & Mildred Beltre)
  • Brandon Coley Cox
  • Zachary Fabri
  • Rachel Frank
  • Aaron Gilbert
  • Asuka Goto
  • Phoebe Grip
  • Ilana Harris-Babou
  • Maria Hupfield
  • Sara Jimenez
  • Rachelle Mozman
  • Kambui Olujimi
  • Nkiruka J. Oparah
  • Rachel Ostrow
  • Macon Reed
  • sol’sax
  • Jakob Kudsk Steensen
  • William Villalongo

Overall, the BRIC Biennial highlights the significance of Brooklyn as the place where New York artists create work and develop their careers. By focusing on a small geographic area, comprehensive research can be undertake on artists in the selected neighborhoods, highlighting those who are making important creative contributions with their work.

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