Interior Interruptions, Bullet Space


Performing Feet on The Ground with IV and Esther on November 13th, at Bullet Space for a performance program as part of INTERIOR INTERRUPTIONS, 292 E 3rd Street New York, New York 10009

INTERIOR INTERRUPTIONS (curated by Kelly Savage with Steven Englander and the ABC No Rio Visual Arts Committee)

Interior Interruptions is a group exhibition that examines the vast and varied infiltrations into our domestic and private spaces by elements of the physical world, the demands of the social, the colonial, and the influences of culture. The idea of home is a social construct that is considered to be, ideally, an environment of safety and ease. The attempt to create such a place can be fraught with challenges; nevermind having it meant to accommodate and incubate the personal. And there are always forms of infiltration in various degrees to these designated spaces.

Through multiple forms of visual art including photography, video and collage, “Interior Interruptions” sets a magnifying glass to domestic invasions within spaces that are meant to be a carefully constructed and exempt from daily toil and unwanted outside tribulations.


Activating hands while performing Feet On The Ground at MAW Gallery Photo: Moch Hahn

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