John Hupfield’s Woodlands + West Coast Indian Art, BC

John Hupfield’s Woodlands Indian Art + West Coast Indian Art

Mar 17 – Apr 29, 2017 / Opening Mar 16 @ 7pm

Collaborative performance with Charlene Vickers: March 16 @ 7:30pm

Western Front

303 East 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC
Canada V5T 1S1

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In the early 1970s, Maria Hupfield’s father, John Hupfield—a recent graduate from the first class of students in the media arts program at Sheridan College—made two projects about First Nations artists in Canada using sound recordings and 35mm slides. For her exhibition at Western Front, Maria Hupfield will use these two projects as source material to create a new body of work that explores these archives of cultural knowledge and the management of that knowledge by an outsider (her non-native, Canadian father) to consider possible models for settler and immigrant accomplices in conversation with indigenous peoples as well as indigenous to indigenous relations. Hupfield will also invite artist Charlene Vickers to collaborate on a new performance.

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