All Places All Times Always and Forever, Vancouver


Photos by Scarlett and Piper Hupfield
All Places All Times Always and Forever, a collaborative performance with Charlene Vickers: March 16 @ 7:30pm in the exhibition John Hupfield’s Woodlands Indian Art & West Coast Indian Art by Maria Hupfield. Vickers and Hupfield activate the space with vocalization, experimental sound, song, improvised and scripted talk-back, and movement adding a physical presence that speaks to cooperation and collaboration. For the performance a set of custom items created by Vickers are introduced to the space in conversation with the work currently on display including: a 10 foot megaphone, new assorted yellow cardboard pylon megaphones, matching Cool Indian T-shirts, 7 hand-carved cedar poles, and one of a kind custom necklaces. Together the artists speak to place and address territorial acknowledgment as international traveling artists who regularly share work outside of their ancestral homes while presenting dynamic and multidimensional living representations of indigenous bodies as the source of innovation and creativity. All Places All Times Always and Forever models indigenous to indigenous and non-indigenous methods of working with audience, place and one another.

Listed in The Georgian Straight Spring arts preview 2017 visual arts critics’ picks by Robin Laurence on February 22nd, 2017 at 1:08 PM states “The Draw: Because of her mixed heritage, Maria Hupfield is powerfully situated to examine relations between cultures and to build new dialogues.”

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