KA-POW! DHC/ART Montreal

07.MHupfieldKAPOWZap2017 copy
“Maria Hupfield mixes dynamic everyday contemporary references that are grounded in the body and informed by her Anishinaabe Heritage. In concert with this approach, KA-POW!, consists of two bespoke benches, conceived in direct dialogue with the trees behind Square-Victoria metro. Since 1866 this area has been one where people could gather and it is still frequented by office workers, tourists and residents alike. As the artist describes, “the word KA-POW! speaks to the language of action, force, movement, breath and sound.” Referencing lightning bolts, geometric star blanket patterns and comic book fight sound bubbles this work is a social sculpture that encourages interaction between our selves, public space and the more than human natural world. In keeping with Hupfield’s interest in the role of the audience and their sensorial engagement with her work, KA-POW! offers a dynamic place to contemplate, discuss and gather amidst the bustle of a busy city.” Cheryl Sims, Curator/Managing Director, DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art
Le Sentier de résilience / The Path of Resilience
DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art and commissioned by the Ville de Montréal
Square-Victoria Metro

Artists: Maria Hupfield / Nadia Myre / Skawennati

Curator: Cheryl Sim, DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art

Sentier de résilience / Path of Resilience presents new works by Maria Hupfield, Nadia Myre and Skawennati in selected locations along the promenade Fleuve-Montagne. While each artist is informed by her Indigenous heritage, their individual bodies of work address a multiplicity of concerns that result in a diversity of aesthetic expression, across a wide variety of media and forms.  This presentation of commissioned works is an assertion of the vitality of their practices as well as a celebration of their collective commitment to sharing rich perspectives that are stimulating for the eye as well as the mind. As an ensemble, the works in this exhibition speak to the inter-related concepts of time, memory, history, and affirmation.


La Presse   http://plus.lapresse.ca/screens/32025d7d-07ba-484f-af6e-cb7b0331ad56%7C_0.html

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