BUSH Gallery, BC


Guest Artist at Bush Gallery, BC with Jason Lujan and Tania Willard, July 16, 2017. Making sun prints and new onsite video.

Bush Gallery is an on-reserve conceptual space for land based art and action led by Indigenous artists in Secwepemculewc Territory British Columbia.

BUSH Gallery contributes to an understanding of how gallery systems and art mediums might be transfigured, translated and trans- formed by Indigenous knowledges, traditions, aesthetics, performance, and land use systems. BUSH Gallery is informed by the work of Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning (Bush University), a remotely located Indigenous school in the Northwest Territories that values learning from the land while living in community. This model of decolonial, non-institutional ways to engage with and value Indigenous knowledge and Indigenous creative production is at the heart of BUSH GALLERY.

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