East Wind / West Wind, TOM

East Wind / West Wind

Virginia Eichhorn, Director and Chief Curator

September 24th, 2017 to January 7th, 2018

Reception with Artist Talk Sunday September 24 at 1:00pm

Putting the Colours to Use, 15min Performance Action in the gallery at 1:30pm

Tom Thomson Art Gallery 840 1st Ave West, Owen Sound ON N4K 4K4





East Wind” is a mural by Maria Hupfield that depicts Tom Thomson’s “West Wind” in reverse and in which, a silhouette of Hupfield has been inserted into the composition. Thomson’s original and last painting “West Wind” on loan from the Art Gallery of Ontario will be presented opposite of Hupfield’s “East Wind.” This work explores issues around the idea of nationhood, as well as addressing constructed historical narratives that ignore or obscure different voices – in this case, the narratives of local people, women, native people and other living beings as contributing presences from regions represented in landscape painting. Historical and contemporary work from the TOM’s collection by Diana Thorneycroft, Lyla Rye and Emily Carr will be integrated on adjacent walls, adding multilevel discursive dialogues to the exhibition.

The TOM gratefully acknowledges TD Community Giving as Lead Sponsor of this exhibition.

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