Solo Precarity, Movement Research

Fall Festival | solo precarity | Movement Research

Collectives Wildcat! and Social Health Performance Club (Maria Hupfield, IV Castellanos, Ayana Evans, and Geraldo Mercado) share an evening of performances

Danspace Project 131 E 10th St New York, NY 10003
December 2, 2017 8-10pm

The twice-annual Movement Research Festival explores contemporary dance forms through performances, classes, workshops, contact jams, multimedia installations and discursive formats. The Festivals are led by teams of artist-curators. The Fall Festival centers around performances at our long-time festival home, Danspace Project, while the Spring Festival is programmed and produced in various locations that are selected and shaped by the curatorial team. These two approaches allow for a varied investigation and exploration into current artistic concerns and reflect Movement Research’s mission of valuing artists, their creative process and their vital role within society.

Social Health Performance Club

For this iteration Maria Hupfield, IV Castellanos, Ayana Evans, and Geraldo Mercado are performing together. Social Health Performance Club gathers as a collective of artists to produce events, exhibitions, and other public art projects. SHPC is framed as a performance. The artists gather together as action, work through social relationships as artistic processes and require ongoing critique, checking in and safe space conversation. SHPC has performed at JACK, Abrons Arts Center, ABC No Rio, The Queens Museum and Gallery Sensei. Esther Neff, Elizabeth Lamb and Ayana Evans are the founding curators 2014.

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