Recovering Memories, Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba


Vernacular photography from the historical Native American Brooklyn neighborhoods and Contemporary Photography from the New York Movement of Contemporary Native American Art.

Honored to be showing some new photo based work with Pena Bonita as part of this show along with selected historical images by

May 6 – July 7, 2018

Opening May 6, 2-6pm

Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba 219 East Second Street, New York NY. Gallery hours Wed-Sat 11-6pm

Curated by David Bunn Martine

“The original idea of the exhibition was to coincide with Spiderwoman
Theater’s play Fear of Oatmeal, produced by AMERINDA, Inc. This play
written by Muriel Miguel (Kuna/Rappahannock) is based on life within the
historical Native American neighborhoods of Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill
sections of Brooklyn during the 1940’s – 1960’s.  This community of
various tribal families who made New York City home – including high steel
workers, stage performers, actors, artisans and craftsmen, will be honored
through the media of photography – contemporary and vernacular (archival)
– as well as ephemera to document and commemorate a place and time
critical to the understanding of the origins of contemporary Native
American community in New York City.” David Bunn Marine

This exhibition will explore Native American photography of two genres –
vernacular (archival) and contemporary, the juxtaposition of which
connects the past to the present within the overall context of the New
York Movement of Contemporary Native American visual art. This exhibition
is also unique in that it will present the work of two artists that use photography in our work.


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