Monument {in miniature} June 14-30th, 2018. Curator Davi Leventhal for ABC No Rio in Exile at 519 Evergreen Avenue (btwn Cornelia + Putnam) in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Opening Thursday June 14th, 7pm. Viewing hours: Wednesday & Thursday, 5-8pm and Saturday, 2-5pm.

Img0344.jpgFor this show I have created Continuum of Gestures, a stop motion animation played on a little screen where I bring the life-size to doll-size. The 4″ dolls stand in for the body to provide a more manageable scale in
which I can visualize moving through feelings and spaces that in my
daily life feel otherwise insurmountable.

Featuring mini works by: Fanny Allie, Deborah Engel, Julia Equi, Henrick Franklin, Linda Griggs, Julie Hair, Maria Hupfield, Hedenori Ishii, pedro Kuperman, Deanne Lee, Davi Leventhal, Anna Lidberg, Jason Lujan, Chad Oliver, Anna Pillow, James Prez, Scott Seabolt, Siri, Beatrice Wolert.



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