The Kind of Dream You’ve Never Seen, Brooklyn Museum



Wake with Electric Djinn, Performance at opening for The One Who Keeps on Giving, LQAM Montreal, Canada

The Kind of Dream You’ve Never Seen, by Maria Hupfield and Electric Djinn, performed in two 25min segments. July 7th, 6pm at Beaux Arts Court, Brooklyn Museum for Target Free Saturday – Reimagining Independence!

Maria Hupfield and Electric Djinn bring together a selection of Hupfield’s industrial felt sound-tools with electronic compositions including sampled sounds, soft synths, programmed beats and processed vocals. This project is a continuation of their partnership to voice possibility and futurity by reclaiming an area through the activation of space, objects, audio, and movement. For the performance The Kind of Dream You’ve Never Seen in the Beaux-Arts Court the duo will be introducing Backwards Double Spiral Jingle Boots, binaural beats and a Crystal Singing Bowl.


Electric Prop and Hum Freestyle Variations, Performance for Double Plus at Gibney Dance, Emily Johnson, Curator

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