Blanket Statements, Minus Space

Blanket Statements: Works by Gina Adams, Maria Hupfield & Marie Watt

September 8 – October 27, 2018
Opening: Saturday, September 8, 6-8pm

Sunday October 21, 2018, public conversation with Jami Powell, Associate Curator of Native Art, Hood Museum, Gina Adams and Maria Hupfield.

MINUS SPACE at 16 Main Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn, a collaborative project with Accola Griefen Fine Art

Gina Adams, Marie Watt and I will show our work together for the first time! For Blanket Statements each of us will present new and recent projects that show the various ways we use fabric to reference our individual connections to indignity and blankets in our respective practices.

In Broken Treaty Quilt Series Gina Adams sews words taken from broken treaties between Native American tribes and the United States government onto antique quilts to reconcile family history by telling the history of her indigenous ancestors assimilation. Similarly, Marie Watt applies history, biography, Iroquois proto-feminism, and indigenous principles to sewing circles as a form of shared fellowship and storytelling in the creation of her art objects. Industrial felt is a favored material of Maria Hupfield, “a maker, a mover, a connector, an Anishinaabe-kwe and a member of Wasauksing First Nation.” (Art in America, October 2017 – Vanessa Dion Fletcher). Based in Brooklyn, Hupfield’s new collages use industrial felt to disrupt the narrative of earlier performance-based photographs.  The material functions as protection, both shield and screen, introducing personal sovereignty, wholeness of the self and resisting the further consumption of the body, gender, identity and culture by another.

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