Decolonizing the Land + Mind, Blade of Grass / BRIC

Decolonizing the Land, Decolonizing the Mind is a performance, screening, and conversation presented by A Blade of Grass (ABOG). To imagine a more inclusive future in which indigenous and POC communities are thriving and creating alternative systems and technologies to protect people and the environment, disrupting longstanding biases and imperialist aggression. The program is presented at BRIC in conjunction with Mary Mattingly: What Happens After?, a new multimedia commission that explores the connection between mineral mining and the massive military industrial complex and its profound effects on the environment, individuals, and communities.

BRIC 647 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

The program will open with a short performance by artist Maria Hupfield (Wasauksing First Nation), whose multi-media art reflects her resistance to Western essentializing of Native artists as interchangeable producers of exotic cultural experiences. She will perform on a stage transformed from a 19,000-pound military vehicle into a space for reimagining a public life together through the re-use of objects with violent histories.

The performance will be followed by the premiere of four new film screenings documenting projects by ABOG Fellows Aviva Rahmani, Rick Lowe, Black Quantum Futurism, and Stephanie Dinkins. The films demonstrate artistic practices that tackle such challenges as protecting lands from fracking; combating xenophobia against refugees; fighting gentrification through Afrofuturist philosophies; and exposing how racism is built into emergent artificial intelligence technology. A conversation with ABOG Fellows Mary Mattingly and Stephanie Dinkins, as well as Maria Hupfield, will follow.

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