Talking About a Revolution, STAMPS

Stamps Gallery Hosted their Inaugural Symposium: Talking About a Revolution

Friday, November 9-Saturday, November 10,Talking About a Revolution: Art, Design, and the Institution.

Talking About a Revolution: Art, Design & the Institution was a two-day symposium that  explored the role(s) of art, design and the art institution in effecting social and political change as part of the exhibition Have We Met? Dialogues on Memory and Desire.

At a time when basic human civil rights and civil liberties are being egregiously renegotiated and unjustly overturned in both the public and political spheres how does, should or can the artist, designer, curator, institution, and art community respond? How have they responded in the past and how are they responding now? Does art, design, and the institution have a voice or place in this struggle? Should it? What is its responsibility? How can art and design help shape a more just and equitable future?

Invited artists, designers, writers, educators, activists, curators, art institution leaders, and the public gathered to discuss art actions, art futures and the art institution as a catalyst for social and political change. The symposium included panel discussions, talks, public conversations, and a special performance.

Participants: Stephanie Dinkins, Daniel Byers, Brendan Fernandes, Carole Harris, Maren Hassinger, Holly Hughes, Maria Hupfield of Native Art Department International, Ingrid LaFleur, Josh MacPhee, Jen Delos Reyes, Tylonn J. Sawyer, Gregory Sholette, Lumi Tan, and Marc-Olivier Wahler.

walk the walk

Walk The Walk (Sam Durant), 2018. Neon sign. Native Art Department International

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