STaRWaLKeR, Movement Research NY

STaRWaLKeR is an evening of performances featuring Rosy Simas and Emily Johnson gathered in the homelands of Lenni Lenape in Lenapehoking, New York City. This program features new works in progress that look beyond skyscrapers and beneath subways to embody long-standing Native cosmologies connected to the stars, land, and history on Turtle Island today. The title STaRWaLKeR takes its name from a Buffy Saint Marie song for its “incredible energy” and as a tribute to the generations of Native Americans connected throughout history to the present day and those yet to come.

May 23, 7pm at Judson Church 55 Washington Square NYC

This event is curated 
by Maria Hupfield through the Artists of Color Council.

A free, high visibility low-tech forum for experimentation, emerging ideas, and works-in-progress held in the Fall and Spring seasons. Artists are selected by a rotating committee of peer artists, and join Movement Research Artists-In-Residence and international guests each season in performing at the historic Judson Memorial Church. 

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